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The Landes : the Greedies Paradise !

Because Landes is synonymous of gastronomy and quality local products, we advise you those typical recipies from our region. Easy to cook, you will find original, varied and delicious, with videos for some of it, to help you. You can find those recipies on our partner website :

To impress your friends and delight the taste buds of your family, let yourself guide…


Free Range Duck Confit Salad

SaladeFor 6 persons

Preparation time : 30 min / Cooking time : 15 min

  • 4 legs of Duck Confit “label rouge”
  • Mix of rocket and lettuce
  • Landes Honey
  • 1 red oignon
  • 2 green apples
  • 2 red apples
  • 2 pears
  • 2 button mushrooms
  • Mix of crushed hazelnut and chestnut
  • 15 cl of Bas armagnac
  • oil
  • salt and pepper

Skim the fat off the Duck legs with kitchen roll and heat it on the skin side in a frying pan. During the cooking, cut into strips the apples, pears and mushrooms, then slice the onions. When the legs are in a golden colour, take off the pan of the heater and crumble approximatively. In a bowl, mix the oil, Bas armagnac and the honey. To finish, season as your taste.

Presentation :

Put some mesclun on a plate. Place harmoniously the apple, pear and mushroom sticks. Add the onions and the meat. Sprinkle with your crushed hazelnuts and chestnuts , and the honey & Armagnac dressing.



Main course…

 Chalosse Beef Rib steak, guacamole & piquillos, dill & lime by Philippe Lagrauna



boeuf-chalosse-03For 4 persons
Preparation time: 40 minutes / Cooking time : 35 minutes

– 1 Chalosse Beef Rib steak “Label Rouge” – IGP (count 250 gr per person)
– 2 ripe avocados
– 1 box of piquillos
– 2 onions
– 2 leek
– 1 bunch of dill
– 2 limes
– 1 shallot
– 50g of old grated Mimolette
– 1 garlic clove
                                                       – Tabasco

Bake the 2 whole onions directly in the oven for 35 minutes, 160°C. When they’re cold, detach the onions petal.

For the Guacamole
Chop the shallot. Peel the avocados, keep the flesh and press it with a fork. Add the lime juice, the chopped shallot, Tabasco, salt & pepper.

In a salted boiling water pan, cook the leeks for 5 minutes, then pour them in iced water. Keep it in the fridge. Cut them into pieces and put them in a hot frying pan .
Cut the piquillons into strips.
Cook the Rib steaks in a frying pan. Add a knob of butter, garlic aromatical herbs, salt and pepper and cook it as you like it.

Presentation :
In a plate, put the leek on it and cut the rib steak.Put some Guacamole inside the onion petals. Add the dill and finish wit the piquillons strips and the grated Mimolette.




Kiwis de l’Adour Label rouge IGP pie


sabléFor 4 persons

Shortcrust pastry :
125g melted butter
250g flour
1 pinch of salt
100g icing sugar
1 egg
Mix with your hands the sugar, butter, salt, add little by little the flour, and finish with the egg. Leave aside for 2 hours. Spread your paste (3mm) and make a 10cm diameter circle with it. Put it on greaseproof paper and bake it for 10 min, 180°C.
Pastry Cream :
25cl milk
1 vanilla pod, cutted into 2
4 egg yolk
45g sugar
20g maïzena (corn flour)
200g whipped cream

Boil the milk and the vanilla pod. Beat egg yolks and sugar until pale and creamy. Add the maïzena, pour the hot milk on the mixture and cook it again for 2 minutes. Let it cool down for 1 hour. Once the pastry cream is cold, add slowly the whipped cream and put in in the fridge.

Presentation :
Take your shortcrust pastry, spread some pastry cream and dispose regularly your sliced kiwi on top.


Bon appétit !

See you soon with new recipies…

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