Wellness in Lous Seurrots

Wellness at fingertips!

Relax, release tensions of the body and the spirit to recharge. Is it not the essential purpose of the rest ?

Enjoy the summer the summer to make you a precious present: the wellness !

Maeva and Amandine, esthetic professionals, propose you some beauty and wellness services in an idyllic setting, along the river of Contis. Our services are adapted to the needs for each with an objective: make you live an unique experience !

The modelling

Amandine and Maeva offer you

The relaxant: 1h-50€

Body care in the relaxing virtues, as well for the body as for the spirit. A real break to have some time on one’s own.

The Abhyanga: 1h-60€

Care resulting from the Indian traditional medicine, This modelling with the coconut oil will bring you freshness while releasing you from muscular and nervous tensions.

The Suédois: 1h-60€

Tonic, muscle relaxant and draining, It is the ideal care for those who like moving. Intense exercice deserves a reward !

The specifics: 30’-30€

Back or visage + scalp or legs. For the very busy vacationers or the low budgets which are allowed tempt, a benefactress break to meet the needs of each.

And that is not all ! Specialized in their domains and complementary, Amandine and Maeva also invite you to discover their respective talents.

Amandine offers you

– Her modelling –

Detoxifying: 1h-60€

Body care between relaxation and entre relaxation et pure acupressure (pressure of fingers) on specific points special detox. Ideal to optimize its holidays.

Feet: 40’-40€

Because they carry us all day long and can swell under the summery heat, Feet deserve well a small attention too, isn’t it? This small price care is a treasure of relaxation, from head to toe !

Special for children: 30’-30€

Because there is no age old to experiment the greater well-being ! This care is adapted for children between 6 to 12 years old, with the prence of an adult. Realized of the back face of the body, it will reveal the angel who slumbers in your small adored devils.

– Her cures –

To catch your breath: 2h-100€

Deep breathing exercices + care relaxation of the abdomen + 1 private lesson of self-massage.

The deep detox cure: 2h30-150€

Realized on three sessions for a sustainable effect. 1 relaxation care of the abdomen of 1h + 1 lymphatic drainage of 1 hour + 1 private lesson of self-massage.

– Her lessons –

Their objective is to deliver to the participants some simple and effective techniques to improve its everyday life and better resist to the stress. Open from 4 subscribers and limited to 8 people for an attentive follow-up.

Self-massage lesson: 1h15-20€ per person

This lesson will teach you the good gestures to relieve the small concerns of the everyday life : tiredness, stress, restless sleep, soft awekening… Several themes will be proposed to you throughout the summer.

Breath lesson: 45’-15€ per person

It accompanies us without that we think of it, adapts itself to our needs without we ask him, it follows us day and night, breath is our most faithful friend. This workshop will explain to you and will make feel benefactions immediate of an conscious breath.

“To massage your close relations” (4 participants maximum): 1h30- 25€ per person

Because the friendly touch is an excellent way to communicate the best of ourself, to massage your close relations could be the most beautiful way to say « I love you ». This work shop is for everybody who wants to discover the bases of the relaxation massage.

Maeva proposes you

– The hair removal –

Sourcils 7€ Jambes entières 22€
Lèvre ou menton ou nez ou oreilles 6€ Cuisses 14€
Sourcils + lèvre 10€ Plaques (arrière des cuisses) 8€
Visage (sourcils + lèvre + menton) 16€ Epaules 13€
Aisselles 10€ Dos 18€
Bras 14€ Torse 16€
Maillot Classique 12€ 1/2 jambes / maillot classique ou brésilien / aisselles 33€
Maillot Brésilien 20€ 1/2 jambes / maillot américain ou intégral / aisselles 42€
Maillot Américain (semi-intégral) 28€ Jambes entières / maillot classique ou brésilien / aisselles 42€
Maillot Intégral 30€ Jambes entières / maillot américain ou intégral / aisselles 50€
1/2 jambes 14€

– Her modelling – 1h-60€

Draining: Inspired by the Vodder method, this modelling aims at stimulating the circulation of the lymph, at cleansing the body while strengthening the immune system.

Balinese: Complete modelling based on the Chinese traditional medicine. It is at the same time soft and tonic, relaxant and energetics. .

– Her facial skincare– 1h-60€

Products ” La sultane de Saba”

Delicious ceremony: Adapted to all the skin types. Hydrate, feeds in depth, revives the circulation and restores in the complexion its natural brightness.

Japanese travel: For combination skin with fat trend, it offers an unified and matified complexion. Rite using of the rice powder and the extract of néroli.

Ancestral golden ceremony: For the dry and mature skins, this anti-ageing product feeds and restores some tonus. Alloy of the gold 23 carats, real source of benefactions, and the extract of caviar, sublimated by the flavors of cedar and patchouly.


Amandine : 06 81 50 53 42
Mai à juillet : du dimanche au mardi inclus.
Août : du dimanche au vendredi
Maeva : 06 89 23 65 63
Mai à juillet : du mercredi au vendredi de 17h30 à 20h
Août : absente


Avec Amandine :
Chèques (avec pièce d’identité) ou espèces.
Réductions pour toute réservation 15 jours à l’avance. Profitez en !
* 5 euros offerts sur chaque soin et atelier
* 10 euros offerts sur les cures
Toute prestation annulée moins de 48h à l’avance est due dans sa totalité.
Avec Maeva :
Chèques, espèces ou CB

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